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    Happy birthday images The man then stopped his work and noticed the lizard. What it does and what it eats up to survive. Then, not knowing where it came from, another lizard came up with food in his mouth .. ahhh!

    That person was touched to see it. Apparently there is another lizard who is always watching the trapped lizard for 10 years.

    What a love, a beautiful love. Love can happen even in small animals like the two lizards. what can love do? Of course a miracle. Imagine, the lizard never gave up and never stopped paying attention Click here to her partner for 10 years. Imagine how such a small animal can have such a wonderful gift. Happy birthday images

    A professor at undag to speak on a military base. There he meets a warrior he will never forget, named Harry.

    Harry was sent to pick up the professor at the airport. After introducing themselves to each other, they headed to the bag pickup. As he walked out, Harry often disappeared. Many things are done. He helped an old woman whose suitcase fell. Then transport the small children to get a view. He also helps people who are lost and show the right way. Each time, he returned to the side of the professor with his smile adorning his face. Happy birthday images

    “Where did you learn things like that?”, Asked the profeor.
    “Oh,” said Harry. “During the war, I think”.
    Then he tells the story of his travel journey in Vietnam. Also when his job was to clear the minefield, and how ai had to watch one by one his friend was killed by a mine blast in front of his eyes. Happy birthday images

    “I learned to live between steps”, he said. “I never knew if the next step was the last foothold, so I learned to do everything I could do when lifting and footing. Every step I swing is a new world, and I think that’s when I live like this. ” Life span can not be determined by how long we live, but the extent to which we live a quality life. Happy birthday images.

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