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    Use Black wallpaper to Increase Ram in Android
    Using black wallpaper to increase might sound strange to many users but the truth is that if you use Live wallpapers or Bright colorful wallpapers then they use a lot of ram to operate and hence you face problems like hang and Lag, And Good thing about black wallpapers are that they not only increase ram in android but also they save battery of your android phone having amoled display.

    Delete Useless Apps to Increase Ram in Android
    There are plenty of Apps that we dont use on our Android phone but Still we keep them, when you have apps installed on your android phone they consume a lot of space and ram even if you dont use them. So to get some extram amount of free ram and space on your android phone Delete all the apps you dont use.

    There are many apps that promise to Increase ram or increase performance of your android phone, But in reality they dont do anything and consume a lot of ram. so it is better not to use such apps.

    Delete Junk Files and Cache to Increase Ram in Android
    There is no Direct Relation between Files in internal memory and ram but still if you have a lot of files present in Sd card or Internal memory you will face hang and lag in your Phone. So to Keep your device faster it is recommended to delete all the files you dont need.

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