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  • iammjones

    By now many of you Android users might be wondering that what is Facetime, why is it better than any other video calling app, and how is Facetime for Android is possible? Well, worry not cause we are going to explain each of these things regarding Facetime on Android to you one by one.

    Alright so first of all, Apple Facetime is an iOS only application that allows its users to video call your friends and family very efficiently. This means that your video calls will be of a very high quality without using much of your internet bandwidth. Not only that, the interface of the Facetime app is really good as you will also enjoy in the Facetime Android that will be installing on your Android device later on this video.

    Apart from that Facetime for Android is very easy to use and highly responsive. If you also install Android Facetime on your Android device, you will be able to enjoy all these exclusive features of Facetime right on your Android device without shelling out hundreds of dollars to get an iPhone. Facetime Android will also provide you other features like good video quality, nice audio quality, and other things that were used to be exclusive to iOS, but no more as today we are here to show you how you can install Facetime on Android easily.

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