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  • LarryWalker

    Hello everyone,

    I am using my computer since five years but it start causing me trouble about 4 days a go. first I was using my system as usual and suddenly a “Blue Screen” comes some how system manages to work then next day that screen comes twice I search on net and I thought may be it is due to virus so I formatted my hard disk and reinstalled windows XP it works fine for two days. After two days when i start it, it is not starting its now showing a complete black screen I remove the RAM to make an idea weather its an issue caused by ram or what but there is no beep there I think RAM is fine. The system gets a boot if I restart it multiple times basically I switch off/on the electricity.What is this issue with the system is the system is so old, I had also cleaned the system it not dust free but its quite clean.

    Please help.

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