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  • JesseVoss


    Some friends and I have been batting around an idea for awhile that we want to make a first person shooter type game for fun, but we really have no idea where to begin looking at the issue.
    What is involved in making a fast 3D graphical action program like that at the coding level? Obviously you would have to go through steps like design, storyboard/layout, and 3D modeling/painting. But how is the actual game engine created?
    Are they written in a generic language like C now? Is Delphi powerful enough to produce a game engine in its Pascal?
    Just for note, we aren’t completely coming out of left field wanting to ‘make a game’ (close to left field though.) Our backgrounds are in Mathematics and CS, but it has been awhile. Myself, for example, I’ve not programmed anything professionally since Ada was a dominant language and the last time I looked at something along this line it would have had to be done in Assembly as no compiler would really have provided decent enough output. I think system resources have grown enough and compiler quality has increased enough that I’m doubting Half-Life and its kin are written in Assembly…?

    Any help will be apprecited.

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