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  • depprussell


    I’ve been using AirDroid for almost 2 years, was considering becoming a premium member when I got my new phone (Tmobile Galaxy S6) but that idea came to a screeching hault because it’s become almost unusable. My previous phone, LG G2x, used airdroid pretty well, no real major complaints, but when upgrading to the S6 I was shocked at how poorly it performs now: -loses connection within minutes: Lately, for the last 3-4 months, I’ve been lucky to stay connected for more than 5 minutes. Mid conversation my txts will hang and I’ll have to refresh the webpage, once in a while itll re-connect with that, other times i have to grab phone and re-launch application along with the browser refresh -have to open the app on phone in order to connect: Is this normal? its a pain to have to go grab my phone to hit the icon, the entire point of me using airdroid is to be able to not go grab my phone since im in front of a computer all the time. -if im not connected to local network it almost never establishes a connection: And yes my data is always turned on. I loved the idea of using the lost phone features, but since it rarely if ever turns on its completely useless to me. Not only that, but if I’m not mistaken, the only times ive ever made it work with a remote connection i had to manually open the airdroid app on my phone as well. I was loving airdroid but after upgrading to a new phone its darn near useless. can anyone shed some light on the issues here?

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