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    I own a brand new Samsung A5 (2016), i.e. the new A5 model, with Android 6.0.1 just factory installed.Without using the Android rSAP App I haven’t be able to connect it to my Volkswagen Premium phone car kit (coupled to a RNS 510 navigation system), it says there is “no compatible phone” around (of course Bluetooth is activated on A5 and it’s working, since it’s visible to other devices such as PCs and other phones).
    On the contrary I’ve briefly tested a Volkswagen dealer’s Samsung S6 on the same Premium car kit, using the standard BT (no App), and it has been detected after a few seconds, just like my old Nokia C5-00 did, So my Premium kit (a 2011 specimen) does work perfectly, as it always did with my old Nokia, but doesn’t detect the new A5.BTW, its seems there is no option to explicitely activate rSAP on A5, but the same is on S6, just activating BT.The old Samsung A5 (2015), model A500FU, is declared rSAP compatible with Premium kit/RNS 510, even from the Volkswagen compatibility page ( … .html#tab2 , look at Passat bis 2014/RNS 510 ).
    So I’m wondering if the 2106 model is really rSAP compatible when just stock (specs would say YES because BT SAP profile is supported).
    Maybe the very new Android 6.0.1 did some mess into the Samsung rSAP implementation in A5 2016? If the stock and unrooted A5 doesn’t work, it’s very likely I’ll root it and install the app (breaking the warranty) but I’d be glad to know in advance if rSAP App work on it.
    Have someone managed to connect an A5 (2016) to a VW Premium kit, as stock, i.e. without using the App? And have someone managed to connect an A5 (2016) to a VW Premium kit using the App?

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