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    I have been using Pine A64 2GB version for a year and absolutely love it.I updated the os from Android 5 to the latest Android 6.0.1 (Android 6.0.1 (LCD Panel Video Output) [20170209]) and i noticed that everything works prefectly as long as you don’t shut the system down.I have reimaged the memory card and after that everything works just fine until i reboot the system. I do it by holding the power button that is soldered down for ~3 seconds and selecting the shutdown or reboot option. Ether of theese gives the same result, a black screen after initial power on cyckle. Apparantly it’s not getting any boot directions from the memory card. I ran the verify option from the ethcer program and it was successfull and i can see the partitions on the memory card are the same before i initially start the Pine from the memory card and after i shut it down and it does not boot anymore. I have tried to install this with the Etcher program as well as the new Pine Insaller and i have only used the images provided from or the Pine Installer options. This did not happen with the Android 5 LCD version and i plan on dowgrading to it to test the boot procedures.I have changed the memory card to see if the old card had become corrupted. Didn’t help. I’ll test this with the non LCD version allso to see if it does the same or not. Has anyone else noticed this kind of behaviour?

    Any help will be apprecited.

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