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  • crowek


    just had an Acer S40HL delivered, having issues with setup…system running windows 7 64 bit, radeon 4850 graphics card.
    1) connected it via hdmi to computer (using radeon 4850 card…I know, antique.) no signal seems to get through, even after restart. Tried connecting via HDMI to motherboard, and it works (with onboard graphics). HOWEVER, connecting the monitor to the card does work with DVI cable, but not HDMI.
    2) Windows 7 64 bit won’t recognize the monitor as the specific unit, it is listed as “generic pnp monitor” in the device manager. I went to Acer’s support site, downloaded the driver, but WIndows won’t recognize it as a driver for the unit no matter what I seem to be able to do.
    Any thoughts are appreciated on how to resolve either issue…Acer’s support site has not been a great help.

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