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    As soon as you click on the Rule button, you are taken to a screen which represents your court. From here you can watch over the proceedings of your entire kingdom and enforce new laws and decisions as you desire.

    Welcome to Mafia City, the grand sequel to the anticipated city gangster games series. A marvelous city awaits you, full of freedom. Explore an alive world, make crews with your friends, wage war, purchase ground-breaking cars, and houses, pursue intense missions, customize cars, arm yourself, and prepare yourself for the ultimate adventure, Mafia City awaits you.

    The other guy was me, and I was trying to be too wise. As Mafia City’s protagonist, my first attempt to trail the escaping mobster ended in failure after my original car choice – an inconspicuous ’50s saloon – was outpaced with ease on the motorways. I only chose that car, snatched unattended with a bit of pavement minigame lockpicking, to satisfy the mission briefing, which said my mark would notice anything too obvious.

      Go to items tab, head to my items and claim newbie rewards; resources, speed-up boosters, and more

    How to attack?

    Being fresh off the boat limits your options, however: to start with it’s just me, Tubsy Baloney, quickly joined by my consilieri old Freddie Tanino and some guy called Squigs who claims to be a ‘level 1 burglar’. This seems like a poor thing to put on your CV, but I’m an unusually liberal 1920s aspiring crime overlord, so I won’t hold it against him.

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