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  • Salisa

    ชื่อ: Salisa
    อายุ: 25
    อาชีพ: Composer/ Illustrator

    Motto for life: I’m God made but educated by the Devil : )

    I was goin to get Sidekick LX but dad bought me a wrong one so I got G1 instead.
    Lucky me that I didn’t get Sidekick… Good job dad! ; )

    What can I say about G1? … I’m loving it!

    Should I change to be HERO?
    but my G1 has already upgraded, and been working so friggin good,
    plus I love its slided-keyboard… but if the HERO is way better I might change it.

    Any idea? : )


    I’m an active one.
    Checking up here 2-3 times a week : )

    I own G1, upgraded it myself (of course, need to thanks DroidSans.)
    It started quit rough for me at first with the G1 (fyi: I’m not an IT person),
    but right now my G1 and I get along very well.

    Just one irritating thing,

    It’s damn hard to find a case for my G1 in Thailand : (
    Any idea for this????

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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