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[Rom cooper][Multi-Language][TheMythTeam] The Myth (Basic version)
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[Rom Cooper][Multi-Language][TheMythTeam] The Myth (Basic version)


As previous series, these are details about Myth:
- Based on Samsung stock roms: 2.3.5 + 2.3.6 (I combined)
- Default language: English
- Number of supported languages: 50 now - for both Europe, Asian users in one Rom & Arabic (read & write only)
- System file is in ext4 format
- Pre-rooted and Pre-deodexed
- Theme, Overscroll glow and CRT OFF effect enabled
- Used CF-root kernel b83 which is made by ketut
- CWM recovery 5
- Script to manage RAM: Modification of LagfreeV3 by Slaid480.
- A2SD script
- Custom bootanimation
- Extended Power Menu
- BLN function (thank to nelda) - With FREE version of BLN COntrol
- Flash supported (10.1, 10.2, 10.3, 11.Innocent - You can download from Patch-Tools area
- Many Extra Apps such as: SMS Popup, Optimizer Tools Box, MiLocker (modified),...
- Smooth scroll mod
- RTL fixed for Arabic ardu farsi and hebrew users
- And many other features...

Team Cooper's members - for supporting me in solving difficulties of modding Galaxy Ace (I'm a member too Tongue)
The Myth Team's members
MIUI Team - for MiLocker
ketut.kumajaya - with wonderful kernel for Galaxy Ace
skynet28 - with guide of disabling journaling
slaid480 - with great Ram management script
Lovetz - with his link to guide of making extend menu
pearl.kami - for her ideas to help me in improving rom and theme
shardul_seth - for his link to guide of 14 toggles mod
wonokairoen - I'm using some icons in his ICS theme (with his permission)
raiderx77 - for his video player
chungviet - his modification roboto font (from tinhte.vn)
AndroidON - for smooth scroll mod
madmack - for RTL patch
AhMed HamouDa - for Arabic font and advice

And all other users of The Myth Rom for helping and supporting me.
If I forgot someone, plz contact me and I will give credit in this post and sorry about that




Step 1:Download TheMyth Roms - Choose 1 version of TheMyth in Download Page

Step 2: Install CWM recovery - This is necessary tool to flash TheMyth Rom. Download it in Users' Area then put in your sdcard. After that, open recovery mode (Home+Power) , choose update from zip and choose CWM setup file to install.

Step 3: Put TheMythRoms.zip in your sdcard

Step 4: Open CWM recovery (Home + Power), do a full wipe (wipe data/factory reset) then select "Install zip from sdcard" and choose TheMyth Rom. A reboot is required after setup is completed.

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เดี๋ยวเอาไปลองก่อนนะ ขอบคุณครับ

ลองแล้วครับ ไม่เน้นแรงนะครับรอมตัวนี้ แต่สวยครับอยากได้ ICS เอาตัวนี้เลยครับ แล้วก็ใช้กับ 5830T ได้นะครับ 3G ได้เลย อ่อ แล้วก็ใช้ Link2SD ได้นะครับ

ตอบข้างล่าง....ไม่รู้สิครับ...ก้เห็นกลัวว่าถ้าใช้รอมโม...กลัวจะใช้ 3G ไม่ได้กันก็เลยบอกไว้อะครับ...เพราะต่างประเทศเค้าไม่แยกรุ่นเหมือนบ้านเรา

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มันเฉพาะบางรอมหรอครับที่สามารถใช้ 3g 5830T ได้

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ก็ดีนะ รอมตัวนี้ ผมเคยใช้อยู่

แต่เบื่อละ หารอมอื่นเล่นแทนละ ฮ่า ๆ