Another amazing ROM This ROM is not fully MIUI port it but it have statusbar, and most of launcher apps

screen shot

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อัพเดทหน่อยน่ะครับ จากลิ้งเดิม

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This is optimized version, it’s faster!
I removed MiTalk (FC) and Note(chinese) apps, added Torch.
No need to wipe all just cache and dalvik cache.
I don’t have time to test this, so …

– no battery icon
– no auto brightness

อัพเดทอีกรอบโดย chakrey
ออกมาแก้ Bug อีกรอบแล้วครับ
Ya.. Right I know that there is already a version of MIUI on androidpt … Mine us better ..
Bugs fixed–
1. Battery Bar…
2. WiFi nd Bluetooth work with .35 kernel…
3. No random reboots..
4. Perfect Music player
5. Bravia Engine
6. TimeScape™ 3d widgets
7. Better 3D performance
8. Better Auto BackLight
9. Removed Chinese…
10. MIUI settings.apk

เจ๋งครับ เอาลิ้งมาอัพเดทโดยท่าน cipinet *****(ล่าสุด)*****
Screen Shot
more stable than previous versions
-battery on status bar: icon, top bar, percentage
-new settings menu, with all languages (not full translated)
-some apps included like tourch, MiLocker (I do not want to customize it too much)
-semi transparent status bar
-optimized and some tweaks

Theme from snapshoots is not default.

MIUI themes:
I’ll repet don’t select lockscreens, for that use MiLocker.
Massive Bootanimation Repository:

Before flash, please test arhive for CRC error.

Download link:

– sometimes too light text on a white background

Thanks to Fagulhas and kssood, fundoozzz from xda forum