ZzzPhone : The second and customizable Android Phone?

Image from phandroid.com

The second Android Phone is not Moto Droid, not Sciphone G2 and not an any well-known brand but it’s ZzzPhone, the Chinese slidephone.

ZzzPhone comes with a lot of options you can select from the basic thing like 5MP camera, the big thing like micro projector to the expensive thing like diamond and gold!

Its cost starts at $119. However, at this price you will get only Touch Screen and 3MP camera. If you need more thing, you have to buy as options by yourself.

It proved that every brands even no-name brand can make Android Phone.

Source: Gizmodo via ZzzPhone

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  1. chanwit Post on November 27, 2008 at 12:05 am


    A great cheap phone, I think. Now there are a lot of options, it seems.

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