Now that that is out of the way here we go:

First make sure you have visionary installed!

Root.rar (all files plus a script to make things a little easier. )
md5sum: 46361b0cc8652d88688c0ab66d44950b

1. Download the root.rar file and unzip it to /sdcard on your device.

2. Run VISIONary to gain temp root.

Now I am going to run two different sets of instructions (you’ll understand why in a minute):

Terminal Emulator Method
3a. Start terminal emulator up on your device.(I prefer this method b/c you can see the output.)

a. type “su” + enter to gain root privileges.

b. Type “cd /sdcard/root” + enter.

c. Type “sh root.sh” + enter.

d. Follow the on screen prompts.

File Explorer Method
3b. Start up root explorer, sufbs, or some other type of file browser with root privileges.

a. Navigate to /sdcard/root on your device.

b. Click on root.sh and allow it to run. Some file browsers ask you if you want to or not.

c. Now wait about 18 to 20 seconds and restart your device into the bootloader to check if S=off is displayed.

4. Start the device back up.

5. Run visionary again and reboot again. This will make root stick.

You can now uninstall visionary and enjoy permaroot.

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